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    • Africa Technology Group is a vertical group of companies specializing in technology, media and event management. Synonymous with innovation, pro-Africa programs, global collaboration and empowerment, Africa Technology Group delivers a broad range of products, services and consulting across a spectrum of industry segments.

      Africa Technology Group conducts business through the following companies: Afri-Tech Consulting, SK Media Center, Financial Times Africa, SK Media Group, and Africa Techbology Foundation.

      Africa Technolgy Group is headquartered in Washington DC and has a skilled pool of workforce spanning the continent of Africa.

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    Enviromental Intiatves

    Africa Technology Group has established a number of initiatives to support and integrate diversity throughout our organization. Co-Mentoring Leadership Development Diversity Training Succession Management
  • Social Responsbility

    Our Group has its founding principles steeped in social development and holistic development in all sections of society. Transformation to under-privileged sections of the society through the use of technology and ground-level ingenuity is one of the major agendas at Africa Technology Group.
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